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Getting to your local gym and training around others seem like a good idea, or is it? Driving to the gym, finding a parking space, navigating around other people in the gym, waiting for the equipment, having to wipe the equipment down from the guy who used it before you! Okay, that last one is a personal pet peeve, still valid though.

If you are time conscious and like to use your own (clean) equipment when it suits, then setting up a simple and cost effective home-based gym set-up may be an alternative to consider.

Forget spending a couple of grand on the latest whiz bang computerized all-in-one piece of junk, you simply don’t need it. That’s for the poser without a grip on reality.

And for cardio training, get outside! Run, walk, ride, find a set of stairs or a hill.  If it’s raining, buy a skipping rope or an aerobic step. Whatever it takes.

No, really for around $200 to $300 you can purchase the equipment I have recommended and have a personal, private training studio right in your own home.

Many of my client, pros and amateurs alike train effectively in their own home, with great results. For most of my clients’ I recommend they need to complete their training program at least three times a week to see benefits and improve. Training at home makes that commitment so much easier for them.

A basic home gym set-up doesn’t require too much equipment or space. Here is what I recommend as a starting point for a home gym.

All of the equipment can be purchased at a fitness or sports store.

1. Set of spin lock Dumb-bells and 35 kg of weight plates: There is enough weight here for the majority of resistance exercises for golf and using spin lock dumb-bells saves on storage space. You can buy these as a pre-packaged set.

2. Straight spin lock bar-bell: Make sure the bar-bell you buy is compatible with the weights set as some of the bars and weights wont fit with each other.



3. Adjustable weights bench: A weights bench is a necessity if you are going to train effectively. Having a bench with an adjustable backrest increases the range of exercises your can do in your home gym.

4. 2kg and 3kg Rubber Med-balls: Golf has really embraced the med-ball as a training tool. They are particularly useful for sequencing drills and increasing power for the golf swing.

5. Fit ball: Sometimes called a Swiss-ball, it is commonly used for core stability and abdominal exercises. The Fit-ball is a great tool for adding another element to challenge traditional exercises. My advice is to get a good quality Fit-ball, one that is anti-burst and holds it shape under load. As a rule, when I buy a Fit-ball for a client I order it through my sport physiotherapist’s clinic to make sure I get a quality product.

6. Gym mat: You want to be comfortable while doing floor based exercises, a yoga mat is great as it provides the comfort and rolls up for easy storage.

One other item I would include is a mirror for monitoring your lifting technique when performing the exercises, not for checking your hair and posing in front of (well, maybe).

The truth is, when you add it up a home gym like this is cheaper than a year’s gym membership by far. That’s money you can spend on golf lessons, a few rounds of golf or that new Driver you have been wanting.

Do the sums and way up your options, perhaps a home gym set-up combined with a golf fitness training program that’s suitable for your needs will be just the thing for achieving your fitness goals.

Happy golfing


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