Win the Small Battles First

Win the Small Battles First

The pursuit of fitness is more than just a physical challenge. Often the mental challenges are the most difficult to overcome. It can be all to tempting to stay in bed on a cold morning, eat the same foods or justify to ourselves why another day isn’t going to matter [...]

22/04/2014 9:10 pm 113 comments

Success in Golf (and just about everything else)

The quote from Jack, sums up the reason to work – Confidence. Confidence breeds success. When you know you are doing all that you can, to reaching your goals, the successes will come.   I don’t know of one athlete that doesn’t want to be successful and win In fact [...]

30/01/2014 12:19 am 221 comments

Golf Fitness Performance – Abdominal activation

Right now we are in Palm Springs California for our annual winter training golf fitness training camp with some of the golf professional’s I work with. In between the golf fitness training sessions and the time spent on the range, we have been watching the highlights of the Farmers Insurance [...]

28/01/2014 6:29 am 162 comments

Start Your Next Round the Right Way

At some point, we have all done it. Arrived at the course with minimal time to spare. Then, if we’re lucky, maybe hit a few balls before stepping onto the first tee, only to hit a terrible shot. And that probably wasn’t the only bad shot you had before your [...]

21/10/2012 11:09 pm 47 comments

All In The Privacy of Your Own Home – The Golfers Home Gym

All In The Privacy of Your Own Home – The Golfers Home Gym

Getting to your local gym and training around others seem like a good idea, or is it? Driving to the gym, finding a parking space, navigating around other people in the gym, waiting for the equipment, having to wipe the equipment down from the guy who used it before you! [...]

13/07/2012 8:17 am 287 comments

Persistence, Patience and Consistency

Persistence, Patience and Consistency

This one goes out to all the young players with goals of being a professional player. Oh and everyone who values their precious time. I am sure we all agree that every avid golfer desires to spend more time at the golf course practicing and playing golf. Imagine having more [...]

11/04/2012 8:05 am 30 comments

Not All Work Efforts Are Equal

It is so very easy to waste precious time at the gym, working hard doing the wrong exercises, getting the wrong results. Different sports have different physical requirements. The training that works for one, more than likely won’t be ideal for another. You may have a great work ethic, train [...]

06/04/2012 11:42 pm 77 comments

HIIT and SIT – Go Harder not Longer

HIIT and SIT – Go Harder not Longer

Have a look at this picture, what do you notice? The obvious is, the sprint athlete is lean, muscular and literally oozes explosive power. The other guy looks like he spent the last decade a castaway on a deserted island, or worse he was made to run 26.2 miles or [...]

28/03/2012 12:05 am 79 comments

Pilates is too much for golf

Pilates is too much for golf

The BIG buzz training at the moment seems to be Pilates. Everywhere I turn another Pilates studio is opening. Three have opened within 6 weeks of each other in the area I live in, all I’m sure offering a cure-all for back pain, weight-loss and toned, lean muscles. Riiiiight! Recently, [...]

20/03/2012 6:27 am 124 comments

US College Sporting Scholarships Application Made Easy

Accepting a US College Sports Scholarship has been a pathway to the professional ranks for many players. Kylie Pratt from College Consulting knows all the answers to preparing for, applying to and attending college in the US on a sports scholarship. This interview with her give an overview to the [...]

14/11/2011 7:24 am 171 comments

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