Fuel up for a better round

Fueling up for the round

It happens to so many golfers while playing a round of golf. A great start for the first few holes, then it all starts heading south. The technique becomes harder to maintain, straight forward shots get fluffed and easy putts are missed. It was all working so well on the driving range and the practice green, so where did it go wrong?

So many golfers spend countless hours and dollars to get the best out of their game, but often neglect the simplest, most important contributing factor to improvement – nutrition.

It is easy to see how energy intensive sports like road cycling or marathon running require athletes to eat well, but golfers often overlook their needs to do the same. The nutritional requirements for golfers are no less important than athletes pushing the boundaries of human physical limits they are just different.


Golfers can benefit and improve their performance from a good nutrition plan. Here are some simple and easy ways to help fuel up and blast through your next round.

  1. Eat smaller, balanced meals spaced about 3 hours apart: Eating smaller meals helps to keep enough fuel in the body to keep going throughout the day
  2. Have a good breakfast: What you have heard and read is true, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Well actually, to be precise, a GOOD breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good breakfast will kick-start the metabolism, get the body moving and provide the initial fuel for the day’s activities. It doesn’t need to be big, something like a couple of boiled eggs and whole meal toast and some fruit is a good. If you like cereal in the morning, the try to pick one that is low in sugar and fat, add some protein powder to give your cereal a more balanced nutrient content.
  3. Before the round: Depending on your tee off time you might want to eat a sandwich for a mid morning snack. A sandwich made with whole meal bread, a lean protein like chicken, tinned tuna or salmon with some salad is a good choice
  4. On the course: Bring snacks with you to take on the course. Some good choices are fruit, mixed raw nuts and seeds and snack bars, there easy to carry and are a great energy source. Another easy way to take a snack on the course with you is a meal replacement powder mix, its easy to carry and easy to eat. Make sure you get something into you every 4-5 holes.
  5. Playing through the last nine holes: Quick energy releasing foods like bananas, raisins or quick energy food bars are good for giving you a boost through the last hour of play
  6. After the game: It’s not over yet. Exercise breaks down muscle and uses up energy stores. A good post game meal will help you recover from the days efforts and if you are playing the following day a good meal will give you the nutrients to repair and prepare for the next day’s round. Include proteins like lean meats or fish and complex carbohydrates such as vegetables and whole meal pasta in your meal


Golf is challenging enough, it places demands on a player’s endurance and stamina both mentally and physically, don’t make it any tougher through something as simple as food.  A good golf nutrition plan just may be the break-through you need to tackle the back nine.

Happy Golfing

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