Golf Fitness Performance – Abdominal activation

Right now we are in Palm Springs California for our annual winter training golf fitness training camp with some of the golf professional’s I work with.

In between the golf fitness training sessions and the time spent on the range, we have been watching the highlights of the Farmers Insurance Open being held at Torrey Pines, San Diego.

As always, there is plenty of focus on Tiger Woods and how he is playing.

Several of the players here have commented on Tiger’s swing at the moment, with most of the observations revolving around the issues of timing and tempo they are seeing in his swing.

The other issue many have noticed is the lack of trunk activation and core stability seemingly apparent when hitting a full golf shot.

Everyone can gain from a better understanding of core stability, particularly in the golf swing.

Whether this is the one of the root cause issues or not for Tiger Woods at the moment, it is definitely a problem I see everyday for so many other players I work with.

A major part of most of the golf fitness programs I develop for players includes abdominal work and core stability work.

A key component to developing the core stability is having an understanding of the fundamentals, which underpin the activation of the deep abdominal muscles.

To help with this, click on the link: to go to the Golf Fit Solutions video, which explains how to activate your deep abdominal muscles and connect the upper and lower body in the golf swing.

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