It’s not a goal if it doesn’t have a plan.

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It’s my birthday today and it was great. So many friends calling, sending messages and wishing me all the best.

To all my friends, a BIG THANK YOU, I had a great day.

Every birthday, for the past few years, I have made a point of reviewing, assessing and setting my goals for my next trip around the sun.

Lets face it,


Methods for setting goals

When I was an athlete and competing, the S.M.A.R.T.E.R method of goal setting was what we were told to use. So that is;

  • Specific – Is the goal clear?
  • Measurable – Can you objectively prove that you have met the goal?
  • Adjustable – If you achieve the goal sooner than anticipated, can you increase the intensity or conversely, does it need to be scaled down?
  • Realistic – Do you really believe that you can do it?
  • Time-based – Have you set a realistic date to meet the goal?
  • Exciting – Will it be fun?
  • Rewarding – Can you see the reward for achieving this goal?

Another method of developing and setting goals, which I prefer to use and encourage the athletes I work with to use, is the G.R.O.W.T.H method.

  • Goals – What do you need to achieve?
  • Reality – What is happening right now? Will it affect getting your goal?
  • Options – What could you do? What are you choices?
  • Will – What will you do?
  • Tactics – How and when will you do it?
  • Habits – What will you change to sustain success?

What ever your goal, remember it’s just a wish if you don’t have a plan.

Take a moment to know exactly what you want then plan to get it.

Live Big Folks


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