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21/10/2012 11:09 pm 70 comments

At some point, we have all done it. Arrived at the course with minimal time to spare. Then, if we’re lucky, maybe hit a few balls before stepping onto the first tee, only to hit a terrible shot.

And that probably wasn’t the only bad shot you had before your body warmed up and got ‘into the swing of things’.

Wouldn’t it be better to arrive at the first tee, prepared, confident and ready to go?

Of course it would. And you can, by doing a “dynamic”, pre-golf warm up.

A good warm-up and correct stretching before you hit the first ball can be crucial to a good round of golf and how your body responds; especially the first couple of holes.

Dynamic stretching is characterised by the use of movement to both warm-up and gain more mobility in muscles, ligaments and tendons. This type of stretching asks the muscle to move in a similar fashion and at a similar speed to the activity about to be undertaken.

Click on the video link for an example of a dynamic stretch routine you can do before playing golf or practicing.


So, there is a Dynamic Stretch routine for you to follow. Summing up, Dynamic Stretches promote flexibility whilst generating speed.

For your safety when stretching, I suggest the following guidelines

  • Be sure to complete some form of warm up prior to stretching making sure the muscles are more pliable and therefore easier to stretch.
  • Stretch to the point of discomfort not pain. If there is any unusual or sharp pain, STOP immediately.
  • Breathe normally while stretching. Exhaling as you sink further into the stretch allows the muscle to relax and as such is preferable to sucking air in or holding your breath.
  • Never bounce or stretch in short rapid movements. Bouncing refers to short repetitive stretching movements of the muscle. These can cause both micro tears in the muscle and send the muscle into a protective shortening reaction.

Dynamic Stretching involves swinging or rotating body sections under control gradually increasing the speed.

There should be no confusion between dynamic stretching and bouncing!

  • Technique is an important element of improving flexibility – always stretch in straight lines, avoid excessive rotation of the limb being stretched.
  • Take your time while in the stretch and ask yourself – am I feeling the stretch in the area that I am hoping to stretch?

Spend the time taking care of your body and you will enjoy the benefits.

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