Success in Golf (and just about everything else)

The quote from Jack, sums up the reason to work – Confidence.

Confidence breeds success. When you know you are doing all that you can, to reaching your goals, the successes will come.


I don’t know of one athlete that doesn’t want to be successful and win

In fact I have never heard of or met anyone with a goal who is not keen to see it become successful.

There is no fixed definition of what success should look like.

For everyone that definition of success is different and I have no problem with that.

I do, however, have a problem with two aspects, which are associated with success.

The first is the term, “Overnight success”.

Really? So just turned up, gave it a shot, without any idea or experience in the field and success happened. In one night!

Hmmmm, no.

The reality is an overnight success is years of unnoticed work. Really focused work.

That and giving yourself every opportunity to reach your goal, by doing what is need to be done.

In my personal case, that meant moving to another city in my country, then to another city in another country.

On a daily basis, it meant being in the moment for every practice and training session and focusing on the goal.

My second peeve is the term, “grinding it out”.

I see it on  social network updates and hear it when I’m speaking to athletes.

I hear athletes saying, “Yeah, I’m grinding it out today”. No, you’re not! You have a goal, you have made the choice to be there and no one but you are keeping you there.

The work and the focus are part of the process.

Turning up and doing what’s needed should never be considered a grind. It’s an opportunity to find out where you are in the process and where you are heading.

No one is expecting you to be further ahead than where you are now when weighed against the work you have put in.

Striving for goals, isn’t an A to B to C process.

There are no certainties and as cliched as it sounds, it’s all a journey.

But at the end of the journey, wouldn’t you like to know you gave it everything and didn’t die wondering.

Happy Golfing


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