Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?

Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?

There is always a debate as to which style of cardio training is best for both weight loss and fitness improvement. Here is a comparison of the two types of training. Aerobic Exercise Aerobic exercise is performed at a relatively low intensity, predominantly relying on the aerobic energy-generating process. Aerobic [...]

27/04/2014 7:15 am 176 comments

Success in Golf (and just about everything else)

The quote from Jack, sums up the reason to work – Confidence. Confidence breeds success. When you know you are doing all that you can, to reaching your goals, the successes will come.   I don’t know of one athlete that doesn’t want to be successful and win In fact [...]

30/01/2014 12:19 am 266 comments

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