Better Recovery = Better Golf

Play at your best every round by applying these simple tips to better recovery for a better golf game.

13/12/2014 10:04 am 7 comments

Improving Posture to Improve Your Golf

A better body = A better golf swing. Is poor posture affecting your golf swing? Having your posture checked and knowing what can be improved, can give your golf game the boost it needs to lowering your score and playing pain free.

13/11/2014 11:24 pm 19 comments

US College Sporting Scholarships Application Made Easy

Accepting a US College Sports Scholarship has been a pathway to the professional ranks for many players. Kylie Pratt from College Consulting knows all the answers to preparing for, applying to and attending college in the US on a sports scholarship. This interview with her give an overview to the [...]

14/11/2011 7:24 am 173 comments

Posture awareness = Golfing improvement

Golf Posture

14/11/2011 7:09 am 59 comments

Fuel up for a better round

Fuel up for a better round

Fueling up for the round It happens to so many golfers while playing a round of golf. A great start for the first few holes, then it all starts heading south. The technique becomes harder to maintain, straight forward shots get fluffed and easy putts are missed. It was all [...]

14/11/2011 6:47 am 158 comments



A game of golf should be a relaxing and enjoyable day spent in the great outdoors, particularly when you are hitting the ball well and sinking putts. However many players give themselves an uphill battle to get the best out of their round by neglecting some of the simplest of [...]

14/11/2011 4:29 am 4,628 comments

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